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I want to know what will be the efficient (in terms of time and memory) java code to implement the following:

I need a java program to continuously check two files, the first file let us call it A will have a product name continuously added and another file B will be its corresponding prices from different source. both of the files are being dynamically updated. what the program will do is that, whenever a product is added to A it will add that word to a list and as long as no new product is not added it will consider every new price added to file B from that time to be the prices of the corresponding product. It will then create a mapping of product and prices.

So, here is the file


Macbook Pro

Dell XPS



(Macbook pro added in file A)



(Dell XPS is added in file A)



(Lenovo is added in A)




so it will create a mapping like,

Macbook Pro -> 100,200

Dell XPS -> 300, 400

Lenovo -> 500, 600, 700

The above example is an illustration of what I am trying to achieve. My idea so far is that, keep two thread monitor each file, whenever a product is added to A start counting from B (mark previous position in B), whenever a new product added to A, start from B from the previously marked position. Is this a right approach? And how can I read the dynamic files constantly?

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I would use Apache Commons-IO FileAlterationObserver, with this you can use Listeners that get notified when the File gets changed.

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