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I have a table like below.

It Stores Students Details.

I want a sql query to have students Name who are between age 15 and 27.

                      Name      VARCHAR(255),
                      Age_Start INT,
                      Grade     VARCHAR(255));

INSERT INTO Students(Name, Age_Start, Grade)
              VALUES('Student 1', 10, 'Grade A'),
                    ('Student 2', 15, 'Grade B'),
                    ('Student 3', 18, 'Grade C'),
                    ('Student 4', 21, 'Grade D'),
                    ('Student 5', 24, 'Grade E'),
                    ('Student 5', 27, 'Grade F'),
                    ('Student 5', 30, 'Grade G');


  Students Name
  Student 2
  Student 3
  Student 4
  Student 5

Thanks in Advance

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select distinct Name as `Students Name`
 from Students
where Age_Start between 15 and 27

SQL Fiddle demo

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there might be need of dictinct as per the data he is inserting –  Pranay Rana Oct 9 '12 at 7:37
@PranayRana: Thanks for pointing out.. I have updated my answer –  Joe G Joseph Oct 9 '12 at 7:38
Select distinct Name as `Students Name` 
from Students 
where Age_Start between 15 and 27
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