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Here is my mysql query

SELECT network_mst.NetworkId,network_mst.NetworkName,network_mst.InternationalDBStatus,network_mst.Of fshoreDBStatus,network_mst.InterDBStatus,network_mst.IntraDBStatus 
FROM network_mst INNER JOIN carrier_network ON network_mst.NetworkId=carrier_network.NetworkId
INNER JOIN user_network ON network_mst.NetworkId=user_network.NetworkId WHERE UserId=1
AND carrier_network.CarrierId IN (1) GROUP BY network_mst.NetworkId ORDER BY  network_mst.NetworkName;

The resulting data is enter image description here

Sorry for the small image.It has a field called NetworkId. So my question is how to find the row index of a row with NetworkId 2.Here the answer is row index of row with NetworkId 2 is 3. But how to find this using query

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Try this:

SET @rownum = 0; 
Select *
   Select *,  (@rownum := @rownum+1) as rank
      -- Your current query here
   ) t
) sub WHERE rank = 3

This query should return the row with the netword_id = 2 since it is the third row. But you have to watch out the ORDER BY clause in the inner most query since it is what controls the order of the ranking.

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thnks i'll just check and let u know..... – iJade Oct 9 '12 at 8:20

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