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I did a git rm files.

Now..every time I commit...I get these list of messages.

#   deleted:    requester2/temp/snippets-2012-09-30-203341.870515.html
#   deleted:    requester2/temp/snippets-2012-09-30-204815.768443.html
#   deleted:    requester2/temp/snippets-2012-10-01-164818.022385.html
#   deleted:    requester2/temp/snippets-2012-10-01-165008.142723.html
#   deleted:    requester2/temp/snippets-2012-10-01-170336.512638.html
#   deleted:    requester2/temp/snippets-2012-10-01-170805.974529.html
#   deleted:    requester2/temp/snippets-2012-10-01-172309.579716.html
#   deleted:    requester2/temp/snippets-2012-10-01-180812.236897.html
#   deleted:    requester2/temp/snippets-2012-10-01-180949.890997.html
#   deleted:    requester2/temp/snippets-2012-10-01-181836.475853.html
#   deleted:    requester2/temp/snippets-2012-10-01-182011.676711.html
#   deleted:    requester2/temp/snippets-2012-10-01-193522.135573.html
#   deleted:    requester2/temp/snippets-2012-10-01-194152.563202.html

no changes added to commit (use "git add" and/or "git commit -a")

So...all works but is rather annoying. What left do I have to do? I committed. This has been going on for days now.

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git rm `git ls-files --deleted` && git commit


git push

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It looks like you deleted your local files, but this deletion was not committed in git (maybe you did a git reset along the way, or some other action).

Try to re-run

git rm <files>
git commit

and if you want to send these modifications to the remote server :

git push origin
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