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I've cloned the codeigniter repository https://github.com/EllisLab/CodeIgniter, which in particular creates the application and system folders.

The application folder has sub-folders, libraries and third-party, which are of interest right now.

I'd like to clone this repository : https://github.com/iamfiscus/Codeigniter-DOMPDF which has in its own root the libraries and third-party folders.

Is there a way to add a new remote to Codeigniter-DOMPDF in my codeigniter repository, which would copy the files and folders in the correct places?

Thanks in advance

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git remote add dompdf git://github.com/iamfiscus/Codeigniter-DOMPDF.git
git pull dompdf master

You create an additional remote with the first statement (naming it "dompdf"). Then, you pull the branch that you want (master?) from the dompdf repo into your branch.

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