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I am connected to Aster DB using PHP VIA ODBC. I am running a query which is taking a long time to run. I have added limit to get 1000 records only. While displaying those records, it prints exact 1000 records, but when I print total number of rows it displays a very large number (140393890971647).

Why is it returning wrong row nums while its printing 1000 only. I need to know exact number of rows as I have to break data in chunks to insert in PostgreSQL.

Here is my query for aster:

select new_ean as ean, com_email as email, ranking from (select new_ean, com_email, rank() over (partition by com_email order by new_ean) as ranking from (select distinct p1.ean as new_ean , c.com_email from bn.table1 p1 join bn.table2 pcm1 on p1.ean = pcm1.ean join bn.table2 pcm2 on pcm1.contributor_id = pcm2.contributor_id join bn.table1 p2 on pcm2.ean = p2.ean join bn.table3 coi on coi.ean = pcm2.ean and demand_dt > current_date-730 join bn.table4 c on coi.customer_sk = c.customer_sk where p1.ean in (long list of coma separated ean here) and p2.inc_category_code = p1.inc_category_code) sq1) sq2 where ranking <= 4 order by new_ean asc 
limit 1000 OFFSET 1

Here is my php code:

$rs = odbc_exec($aster, $sql);
 echo "Tot Rows :".odbc_num_rows($rs). " <br> ";

while ($row = odbc_fetch_row($rs))

         echo "<br>" . odbc_result($rs,1) . "===" . odbc_result($rs,2) . "===" .odbc_result($rs,3);

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That SQL query is kinda illegible, but I don't suppose it matters. When LIMIT is used PostgreSQL doesn't produce any value that says "number of rows that would've been returned without limit". It sends the number of rows actually returned and that's it. If you're getting another result I'd be inclined to suspect a PHP ODBC driver bug, personally, though it could be a bug with psqlODBC I guess. Try to produce a self contained compilable test case (including SQL script) that demonstrates the problem. – Craig Ringer Oct 9 '12 at 8:56
The query is for teradata-aster, not for PGSql. Am using PGSQL just to save records returned from aster – user1635914 Oct 9 '12 at 9:57
@user1635914 - TD Aster is running on forked (improved) postgreSQ DB. – xhudik Jul 22 '13 at 7:59
LIMIT is quite useful to limit amount of a result set and execution time. Could you run the SQL using Teradata Studio or act or the like? I expect this to be either a problem in the PHP or ODBC client and that the LIMIT parameter is not send to Aster but filtered by any of these clients. Of course I cannot run your command with all the tables, but I've many examples in the Teradata Studio History which were all limited and worked fine by returning the right row count and the right rows :-) – jboi Aug 8 '13 at 8:04
@user1635914: Teradata Studio and act are clients to Teradata and Teradata Aster. You can download them at Teradata Download. I think yo must register, but it's for free and so far I wasn't spammed with emails. I use the Teradata Studio, which is a standalone Eclipse based application. Alternatively you can use the Eclipse Plug-In, but then you must take care of the supported versions. Teradata Developer itself has also some tipps, tricks and hints about using Teradata and Aster. – jboi Aug 13 '13 at 8:13

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