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What are the handles to the default stylesheets in the admin area so I can deregister the ones I want? Naturally I'll copy the styles over to my own stylesheet that are essential for the structure and basic styling.

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Not that many people will need this, but I'm styling the admin area heavily and trying to overwrite all the default styles is creating havoc in my stylesheets.

(PS deregistering admin scripts is similary, but you have to make sure they don't get combined when printed. I'll post that in another Q&A later. )

So after some digging, I found the global $wp_styles.

After dumping it, I found tons of info, and in the depths, the handle to each style. From there, I could deregister the necessary ones. Below is the debugging code I used to find the handles, then a couple examples of the deregistered styles.

global $wp_styles;
echo var_dump($wp_styles);

Then to print just the handles. Uncomment the one line to print them neatly, or as here, it'll put them in a list that you can copy and past into the deregister function.

    global $wp_styles;

    foreach($wp_styles as $main_obj => $vals){
        // echo var_dump($vals);
        foreach($vals as $name => $obj){
                // echo $obj->handle, '<br />';
                echo '"'.$obj->handle. '", ';

I know there's probably a few styles from plugins here here, but here's all the scripts enqueued in the admin area, just remove the appropriate ones from the array/function, add it within a hook, and all the styles will be gone (not advised, but pick and choose from there).

add_action( 'admin_init', 'remove_admin_styles' );
function remove_admin_styles(){
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In order to print the style handles, you might as well use print_r(wp_print_styles()); – Hervé Renault Aug 13 '14 at 9:37

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