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I'm getting a NullPointerException in the line

GUI getText (tr.search(tr, txtFindf.getText().charAt(0),txtFindf.getText())

and in the line with equals. My program is a binary tree implementation:

public class BTree {

private char value;
private BTree left;
private BTree right;
private String indent;  
private boolean cheak;
private String searchres; 

public BTree pushInTree (BTree node,char leter,String word) {
    if(node == null){
    node = new BTree();
    node.value = leter;
    node.indent = word;
    return node;
        if (node.value > leter) node.left = pushInTree(node.left, leter, word);
        else node.right = pushInTree(node.right, leter, word);
    return node;
public void output(BTree node) {
    if (node == null) return;
    if (node.left != null ) output(node.left);
    if (node.right != null ) output(node.right);
    public void output2(BTree node) {   
    System.out.print(node.value+" ");
    if (node.left != null ) output2(node.left);
    if (node.right != null ) output2(node.right);

public boolean search (BTree node,char leter,String word){
    if (node == null)return cheak;
    if (node.indent.equals(word)){ \\error here !!!
        searchres = node.indent;
    if (node.value > leter) search(node.left, leter,word);
    else search(node.right, leter,word);
    return cheak;
public String result() {
    return searchres;   
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When if (node.indent.equals(word)) throws a nullpointer, this means one of three things:

1. node is null
2. indent is null
3. word is null.

1. cannot be (because you have a null check).
2. possible
3. possible

So you have two possibilities. Check them.

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Figure out which variable that is null.

If you can't do it without help, use a debugger and halt on uncatched NullPointerExceptions.

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