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I tried writing a skeleton app that authenticates using Mozilla Persona using this tutorial and the passport documentation and the login always fails - I am not sure what I am doing wrong as I don't see any logs from passport. This is my front-end code and this is my server code and I do see the Persona pop-up but req.isAuthenticated() is always false when I login from that pop-up.

Here is a snippet of the client-code:

<script type="text/coffeescript">
    $ ->
      $('#signin').click -> navigator.id.request()
      $('#signout').click -> navigator.id.logout()

        onlogin: (assertion) ->
            type: 'POST'
            url: '/login'
            data: assertion: assertion

            success: (res, status, xhr) ->
              console.log res

            error: (res, status, xhr) -> alert "login failure" + res

        onlogout: ->
          console.log 'logout'


And this is the server code:

express = require 'express'
passport = require 'passport'
BrowserIDStrategy = require('passport-browserid').Strategy
app = express()

passport.serializeUser (user, done) ->
  log 'serializing user #{user}'
  done null, user.email

passport.deserializeUser (email, done) ->
  log 'deserializing email #{email}'
  done null, email: email

persona_audience = "http://#{config.server.host}:#{config.server.port}"

passport.use new BrowserIDStrategy audience: persona_audience,
  (email, done) ->
    log email
    done null, email: email

app.get '/test', (req, res) ->
  msg = if req.isAuthenticated() then "Congratulations! You've signed in as #{req.user.email}" else "Fail :(("
  log msg
  res.send msg

app.post '/login', passport.authenticate('browserid', {failureRedirect: '/test', successRedirect: '/test'})

app.get '/logout', (req, res) ->
  res.redirect '/'

app.configure ->
#  app.use express.logger()
  app.use express.cookieParser(config.server.session_secret)
  app.use express.session()
  app.use express.bodyParser()
  app.use express.methodOverride()
  app.use passport.initialize()
  app.use passport.session()
  app.use app.router
  app.use express['static'](__dirname + '/public')
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what is the error? –  chovy Oct 9 '12 at 9:23
I always hit the log ':(' line in my code i.e. req.isAuthenticated() is always false –  wrick Oct 9 '12 at 16:17
Also, it never hits the serializeUser or deserializeUser methods –  wrick Oct 9 '12 at 17:55

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Putting the app.configure before app.login fixes it. Can someone explain what's going on?

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I believe this is because the passport.initialize call registers the middleware for passport (the things that call serializeUser and deserializeUser) The get '/' handlers are registered before the middleware and therefore never call the serialization methods. I think that's what is anyway. –  Jacob Dec 1 '12 at 1:19
    data: assertion: assertion

This is not valid json above:

        data: { assertion: assertion }
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Actually it is - CoffeeScript adds implicit braces. Try pasting that snippet into js2coffee.org Also, I am doubly sure it works because req.body.assertion is the valid hash in my server side post handler so that jquery ajax call must have worked. –  wrick Oct 9 '12 at 21:08

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