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I was wondering how it would be possible to disable the next monday, when the day now is a friday. I can disable every monday, but I only want to disable one, when the day is friday and only the first monday, not every monday.

I was using this, I am getting in the if loop, but it's not returning anything.

minDate: new Date(y,m,fridayNotMonday),

function fridayNotMonday() 
  var vdate = new Date();
  var vday = vdate.getDay();
  var vm = vdate.getMonth(), vd = vdate.getDate(), vy = vdate.getFullYear();
  var vd1 = vdate.getDate() + 2;
  var vd2 = vdate.getDate() + 4;

  if (vday == 5) {
    firstDate: new Date(vy,vm,vd2);
    return firstDate
  } else {
    firstDate1: new Date(vy,vm,vd1);
    return firstDate1;
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This might help – keyser Oct 9 '12 at 9:00
This might help you solve your problem. It looks like a duplicate of your issue but with multiple dates, so it should provide some guidance in solving your problem – Albert Oct 9 '12 at 9:11
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You should use the beforeShowDay option of the datepicker

var now = new Date();
var day = now.getDay();
// on the following line 5 means friday. Days start counting from 0=sunday to 6=saturday.
// so if now is friday then find the date of the following monday
var disabled = (day===5)? new Date(now.getFullYear(), now.getMonth(), now.getDate()+3): null;

        // if the disabled date we calculate is the same as the one the plugin tries to show
        // then set its selectable status to false..
        if (disabled !== null && disabled.getTime() === current.getTime() ) {
            return [false];
        } else {
            return [true];


Demo at

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