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In RavenDB my document (ID = 1234) is

   "datacontainer": {
      "data": [
          "@idx": "1",
          "@idy": "a",
          "value": {
            "#text": "test 2010"
          "@idx": "2",
          "@idy": "b",
          "value": {
            "#text": "test 2011"
          "@idx": "3",
          "@idy": "c",
          "value": {
            "#text": "test 2012"

I want to create an Index, where I choose my favourite values (for example idx = "2" and idy = "b") and the output will be:

(ID, value_text) = (1234, "test 2011")

Now I can select a single element and check its value in Linq:

where[0]["@idx"] == "2" &&[0]["@idy"] == "b"

How can I search the right element in my list?

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Luigi, In RavenDB, you don't search for a list value, you are searching for a document with a given document that matches the query you have.

In your case, what does your entity looks like?

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I solved my problem! In RavenDB the index, called "MyIndex", is:


from p in docs
select new  
{  Id =, 
   M = => x["@idx"] == "2").First(x => x["@idy"] == "b").value["#text"] 


 from test in results
 group test by new {test.Id, test.M   } into g
 select new { g.Key.Id, g.Key.M }

Now I can use this Index in my queries, so I will search for a document that contains a particular value, for example:

 var results = from p in session.Query<QueryResult>("MyIndex")
               where p.M == "test 2011"
               select p;

Maybe there is a better solution, but now it works!

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