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Is there any way to find an "item" inside an Dojo Store (Version 1.1!!).

The Format of the Json Data is like: name/id.

So far if tryed it with:

var storeItem = this.myFilteringSelect.store.fetch({query: {name: "Alpha"}});

But fetch does not return the item? Btw. i need the "ID" of the Item to set an default value for the filteringSelect (but the id can change from time to time...)

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Have you tried var storeItem = this.myFilteringSelect.store.fetch({query: {name: *}}); –  Sandeep Oct 9 '12 at 10:37

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Let me preface my answer in that I can't speak to 1.1 specifically. But in 1.6...

store.fetch is coded in an asynchronous manner. It does not return the item. You must provide a callback that will iterate over the items returned from the query.

    query: {/*queryParams*/},
    onComplete: function(items, findResult){
        dojo.forEach(items, function(item){
            // work with your item


I don't believe this API had changed much over time, so if it is present in 1.1, then I think this should help.

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Thanks works with 1.6+ :-) But not with this old stuff. I found an other "unelegant" solutions for my problem, so i will accept your answer for others using "newer" versions of dojO! –  ArneRie Oct 9 '12 at 11:20

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