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I have implemented Business Card Reader App for iPhone using OCR by

Tesseract library its a open source library. Api

The main agenda is when the text is recognized from the business card. I need to pass the Name and Email address and Phone numer to the corresponding fields.

i did it for email address and phone numbers using their formats of expressions.

but in case of NAME some other texts having the same formats, so we can pick it up using font size

How to get font sizes of recognized text to Recognize Name using font size on the Business Card form the Recognized text using OCR...?

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Just try this -

UIFont *font = totalLabel.font;
CGFloat maxHeight = font.lineHeight * totalLabel.numberOfLines;
CGFloat maxWidth = totalLabel.frame.size.width;
CGSize size = [totalLabel.text sizeWithFont:font constrainedToSize:(CGSize){maxWidth, maxHeight} lineBreakMode:totalLabel.lineBreakMode];
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Thankx JULAY i printeted all the recognized text in a text view, it hase smae font for all. but i need to find out the font of the second highest font in the bussiness card text. – user1645721 Oct 9 '12 at 9:58

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