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So this is what I wish to do. I have a function and some paramaters:

Names = ["Whaaaaa", "whoooo", "mamo", "tete", "tetsae"]
QC_ID = 100

def createE(Names, size = None):
    eName = NAME_FMT % ((",").join(Names[0]), "*")
    return eName

What I want to do is, without changing the function, make it print out the text of extent name over and over depending on the number I input. So for example it would be something like this:


What the function does now is this:

DEVICE_100_Whaaaaa, DEVICE_100_whoooo, DEVICE_100_mamo

And finally I want to take the output (because DEVICE_100_Whaaaaa would create some output) and add it to a list:

e = []
print e
["Hello", "I", "Am"]

The problem I'm having with is this createE(Names[0:3]) I need it to print in every line and it does not do it. :( I can't change the function itself.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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The map function takes a function and an iterable (like a list), and returns a list of results of the function applied to each element of the input.

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