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How can I redirect or update the url? I cannot find any good documentation regarding this. Basically, what I want to do is to change the $routeParams dynamically and update the url with the new value.

My code looks like this:

if ($routeParams.time) {
        var url;
        $routeParams.time = encodeURIComponent(value);
        url = '/' + $routeParams.time + '/' + 'marketing/networks';
    } else {
        $routeParams.time = encodeURIComponent(value);
        url =  '/' + $routeParams.time + $location.path();
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After reading the comments to my answer, I think maybe is not the right answer for this case. Please, before using this solution, read the comments and other answers. I'm not using Angular anymore so I don't feel qualified for answering.

I leave the original answer unmodified below:

You are changing the location properly but AngularJS it's not realizing that it changed. You can solve the problem using the method '$apply' of your scope like this:

$location.path( url );

Or like this:

$scope.$apply( $location.path( url ) );

See $apply documentation here$rootScope.Scope

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You may experience a $apply already in progress error, if so see:…, it's easily fixable. – DrCord Aug 30 '14 at 22:56
You shouldn't ever need to call $apply unless you are interfacing from a non-Angular event. When using $apply consider using a "safe apply" approach: This is NOT a case where you need to use apply! – MGot90 May 21 '15 at 21:06

You might want to try native browser object $window.location.href instead, according to$location (in Caveats section).

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you should use


when using this you can do ...

state.go("route-name", {id:4});

much better than the built in routing service

The most voted answer is worrying!

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