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I have used link_to to call controller action.

       <%= link_to "Inactive", {:controller => :leave_details, :action => :deactivate}, {:method => :post } %>.

but my requirement is to pass id also to controller action but when i try to pass id(:id=>leave_detail.id) it is not showing in params. my params look like

        {"_method"=>"post", "authenticity_token"=>"3vfyGQ5V6GQXRt2aQt+DOT0b3eGgP7B401uclnIGLUU=", "action"=>"deactivate", "controller"=>"leave_details"}.

In route file i have added

       resources :leave_details do
         post :deactivate, :on => :collection

can anyone tell me what is going wrong in this code or what i am missing. thnks

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why do you want to pass an id in a collection route? why don't you use named routes? –  apneadiving Oct 9 '12 at 13:47
actually, i found this route declaration from a blog. if u have any other route solution, then please provide it to me. thnks –  A B Oct 10 '12 at 13:01

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