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My webapp exposes some application-specific metrics (think "orders placed") via JMX, which I'd like to monitor using Hyperic HQ (open source edition).

According to the Hyperic Inventory Model, my Linux server is called a Platform hosting my Tomcat 6 Server, which in turn hosts Services (e.g. "Servlet Monitor") that finally expose Metrics (e.g. "Error Count per Minute").

I assume I need to develop a custom Hyperic plugin (just an XML file, really) that would point the agent and server at the correct JMX MBeans. Ideally, I would like to see my webapp listed as a Service hosted by the Tomcat 6 Server, but looking at the Plugin Development docs, that doesn't seem to be possible.

Maybe that's not too bad anyway, because in theory, I might want to switch my app to Jetty. But I figure that's a very common use case, so are there any best practices? I couldn't really find any examples of this on the web, so I thought I might just ask the experts..

Please note: The Hyperic docs I linked to seem to require an account to view.

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please take a look at this link:

it describes how to integrate a custom JMX implementation into Hyperic.


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I'm not an expert but I'm working with hadoop, hbase and hyperic for my final computer engineering project.

There's an official xml plugin here plugin for hadoop, which I only have some problems pointing the task tracker. Maybe its useful for you.

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This is a place for answers, not a place for an answer with a question tacked on the end. Thanks. Go ask a separate question. – Kent Fredric Feb 15 '11 at 11:13

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