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I have issue clearing Magento cache version

I did all possible Clear cache actions, but js, css , phtml changes did not apply.


I made changes to menu.js, view.phtml, custom.css and no changes

Cache actions:

  • Flush Magento Cache
  • Disable all cache from Cache management list
  • Flush Javascript/CSS cache
  • FTP manually clear /var/cache folder and /var/session

So I'm stuck in here, don't know what else to do??

Also, maybe it is related, i cannot access Magento Connect manager, got redirected to 404 page, i already set permissions 755 Folders 644 files...

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Over a year later, but I have the same issue on - specifically with phtml being cached. Tried the same as above to clear with no success. – Rick Buczynski Jan 10 '14 at 3:52

Disable the CSS and JS compression in the admin when you test your site. The compressed file will be saved in another directory.

look under /media/css and /media/js clean both folders. If you are shure that you have edited the correct files.

But i think you have edited the wrong files?

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Thanx for fast reply. i fell like i'm editing wrong files but unfortunately i'm not...more like uploading to wrong server. What do you think about another issue with Magento Connect 404 error? – devilsreject Oct 9 '12 at 11:00

If only all of your steps already completed. Check on your controller & layout.

is the js and css already added to that layout?

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