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Possible Duplicate:
Convert UTC Epoch to local date with javascript

In my project, I am receiving a JSON. it contains one field like


How can I convert to user readable (understandable, to be specific ;) ) form? For eg mm-dd-yyyy

And what is this format?

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So millisecond epoch time; stackoverflow.com/questions/4631928/… – Alex K. Oct 9 '12 at 10:35
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new Date(milliseconds) creates a new date object using your millseconds value.

You can then use getYear, getDate, toLocaleFormat() or toUTCString to get your correct format.

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You can convert it to a date using the Javascript Date object.

// Assuming 'result' contains your JSON

var myDate = new Date(result.displayDate);
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Use it this way

var d = new Date(1349137055814);
alert(d.getMonth()+ '/' + d.getDate() + '/' + d.getFullYear());

Check this demo

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