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I am a newbie in Mongodb. when i am trying to mongoimport i am getting the below error.

I have the file placed in c:\mongo\data\db\mongo.csv ... can anyone pls help me.

C:\mongodb\bin>mongoimport.exe -d test -c foo --file c:\mongo\data\db\mongo.csv --type csv

connected to:
file doesn't exist: c:\mongo\data\db\mongo.csv
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either you should give path like as you are in C directive only

C:\mongodb\bin>mongoimport.exe -d test -c foo --file /mongo/data/db/mongo.csv --type csv

or you can give path in a qoute (" ") as mentioned by Gianpj

C:\mongodb\bin>mongoimport.exe -d test -c foo --file "c:\mongo\data\db\mongo.csv" --type csv
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Are you sure the file does exist? There are no spaces in the file path? Try with double quotes:

--file "c:\mongo\data\db\mongo.csv"

Lastly where did got that .csv file? from mongoexport --csv ?

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