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I have an iframe in my site and want to trig a click event outside of the iframe. The iframe is loaded as a lightbox and there is a form in the iframe and i want to close the lightbox at submit.

I use this code but the click event does not work. When I run the same code in the firebug the lightbox close successfully, but here I get no result.

$('iframe', parent.document)
    .parent('div#pp_full_res .pp_pic_holder')
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Consider calling a function in the parent frame instead. Provided that the document inside the iframe adheres to the same origin policy, the following is possible:


The closeLightbox() function should then contain the code you have tested in Firebug.

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actions inside an iframe cannot execute scripts in the parent window, or access the parent DOM

edit: take a look at Hide iframe using jquery .hide

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