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In a shell script what does the following mean?

OVERRIDE="-Dplan.override $2"

Are we assigning the value of the second argument to the program to the OVERRIDE variable and creating a new environment variable plan.override with value of OVERRIDE?

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You are creating a new variable OVERRIDE with the content -Dplan.override $2 - $2 stands for the second argument your shell script was given. The variable is only usable within your shell script, not outside of it.


$ ./ firstarg secarg
 -> OVERRIDE will have the value -Dplan.override secarg

If you want to make OVERRIDE global, use export in your script:

export OVERRIDE="-Dplan.override $2"

Then source your script from your shell, like

$ source firstarg secarg

Then your variable OVERRIDE is globally available:

$ echo $OVERRIDE
-Dplan.override secarg
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that means that -D is not treated as any option but meare addition to the value being assigned. ie. it has no special meaning. – user1731553 Oct 9 '12 at 12:18

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