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I have a table called A with
A {
   x int,
   y int,
   z int
and i have another table B with
B {
   x int
   code string,
   value string
B-> code can have 2 values :{code1,code2} based on which value also differs.
Now i need to update A with y = B.value if code ='code1' and z = B.value if code='code2'. I am trying to do this in single query .
I tried the usual update:
update A,B set A.y=if(B.code='code1',B.value,A.y), A.z=if(B.code='code2',B.value,A,z) where A.X=B.x .
But it is updating only y. I think it is because there are 2 rows being created for each row in A and updation is getting overwritten i guess. Is my reasoning correct? and is there any way to do this in an update query

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