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I would like to use JPA annotations in ormlite. These annotations (like @Entity or @Id) belong to the javax.persistence package which is apparently not provided with ormlite. I could not get JPA annotations resolved, whereas ormlite specific annotations (like @DatabaseTable) are ok. Do I need to download a third party jar in order to get JPA annotations working in ormlite ?

I need to work with ormlite + JPA only.

When having a look at http://ormlite.com/javadoc/ormlite-core/index-all.html we can see that there are no JPA annotations documented nor available, although they are described in the user manual.

Thanks a lot in advance !!!

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javax.persistence is available in a jar from the central maven repository (for example). It contains all annotations as well as all of the other JPA stuff that ORMLite ignores.

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Instead of using the ORMLite annotations, you can use the more standard JPA annotations from the javax.persistence package. In place of the @DatabaseTable annotation, you can use the javax.persistence @Entity annotation. For example:

@Entity(name = "accounts")
public class Account {

Check complete documentation here

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This is what the poster is asking about. He can't find the java.persistence annotations in the classpath. –  Gray Oct 9 '12 at 17:36

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