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How to include/refer a dynamic component template in the page. I had created a dynamic CT and published it, but want to render its presentation in the page. Please suggest.

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There are many ways to add dynamic presentation on the page.

Direct Approach - For this your component presentation should be allowed to on page. Check Allow on Page Using Dynamic Assembly. Add the presentation on page same as all others.

Code Approach - You may use API to get your component presentation direct from the broker storage. Here is sample code for the same.

*<%@ Import Namespace="Tridion.ContentDelivery.DynamicContent"%>
  ComponentPresentationFactory factory = new ComponentPresentationFactory();
  ComponentPresentation ps = factory.getComponentPresentation("CompID","TEMPLATEID");
JSP example:

<%@ page import="com.tridion.dynamiccontent" %>
  ComponentPresentationFactory cpf = new ComponentPresentationFactory("tcm:0-1-1"); // Publication URI
  // Component URI and Component Template URI
  ComponentPresentation componentPresentation = cpf.getComponentPresentation("CompID", "TEMPLATEID");


ComponentPresentationFactory cp_factory = new ComponentPresentationFactory(publicationid);
ComponentPresentation cp = cp_factory.GetComponentPresentation(CompID, TEMPLATEID);
if (cp != null)
     Output = cp.Content;
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There is multiple ways to show a Dynamic Presentation on a page:

  • the most simple one is marking your Dynamic CT as "Allow on Page Using Dynamic Assembly", then you will be able to embed it on your page as a Non-Dynamic CT

enter image description here

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