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I'm using jqGrid and adding my own onclick event to each cell of data when the grid has completed rendering.

jqGrid has default behavior of highlighting a row onclick. When I add my own onclick event after the grid renders, my event overwrites the jqGrid event as expected. I would like to preserve the jqGrid onclick event and just add my event to it.

How can I get the current onclick event for all elements matching a certain class and just append more actions to the event? This is my current new onclick event.


$(".searchOrders").click(function() {
	$('#tabs').tabs('url', 2, '/view/dspOrders.cfm?id_orders='+$(this).attr('title'));
	$('#tabs').tabs('select', 2);
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The jQuery event binding mechanism isn't one that overwrites. In other words:

 $("#button").click(function() { alert("hello"); });
 $("#button").click(function() { alert("goodbye"); });

has two events fired on #button, the second one doesn't overwrite the first.

Something else is going on here.

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Oh boy, duh! The other onclick events are on the table cell and my new events are on the anchor within the cell. Just noticed that now. – mattmac Aug 14 '09 at 21:13

Use the jqGrid onCellSelect event. jqGrid Docs

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you can adapt some code i use to insert a load event:

// stack the original loads
var aryLoadQueue = new Array();
$.each($.data($main.get(0), "events").load, function() {


// put the original loads back in place to take place after our one-time load
$(aryLoadQueue).each(function() {

feel free to comment with questions...

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