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Basically it says I am missing operators?

Dim descpc As String

despc = DLookup("[Description]", "[products/stock]", "[Product Code] = " & Me.cmbSource.Value)
Me.Text47.Value = despc

Can anyone spot anything? I'm not 100% with Dlookup so any help would be brilliant!

Thanks, Bob P

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2 things - What is the exact error message, and do you need quotes around your search for the product code: "[Product Code] = '" & Me.cmbSource.Value & "'" – SeanC Oct 9 '12 at 13:03
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You're dim-ing cmbSource as a string, so you'll need to enclose the value in sigle quotes to handle the string. Also, if Product Code is a number, you might get an error if you're then trying to compare a string to an integer. Try this:

despc = DLookup("[Description]", "[products/stock]", "[Product Code] = '" & Me.cmbSource & "'")
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