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I have several image tags and div in my html as below.

My requirment is to calculate the height * width of each image and do the following if the height * width is <5000. 1) Remove the correspponding div 2) remove the class 'captify' of correcsponding image

For this I have tried the below script for handling google chrome since I have managed to work for IE and firefox using some other method.

$('img[class = "captify"]').each(function(){

var $that = $(this),
picRealWidth = 0,
picRealHeight = 0,
imgSize = 0,
dvHiResCaption = null,
src = $that.attr( 'src' ),
rel = $that.attr( 'rel' );

// creating a clone in memory
$('<img/>').attr('src', src)
picRealWidth = parseInt( this.width );
picRealHeight = parseInt( this.height );
}, function(){
// called once the load is complete
imgSize = picRealWidth * picRealHeight;

if( imgSize < 5000 ){
dvHiResCaption = '#' + rel;
$that.removeClass( 'captify' );

Can any one help me on this please. Many thanks in advance

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Try this instead:

    img.onload = function() {
        if ((this.width * this.height) < 5000) {
            $('#' + $(this).attr('rel')).remove();
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There is no such methods jsfiddle. this inside load function is not jQuery object but this is JavaScript HTMLElement. Use:

picRealWidth = $(this).width( ); // return integer value
picRealHeight =  $(this)..height( );  // return integer value
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You got a '.' too much in that code :) – Allan Kimmer Jensen Oct 9 '12 at 12:10

use $(this).width, $(this).height

$('<img/>').attr('src', src)
picRealWidth =$(this).width();
picRealHeight = $(this).height();
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