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I have a model with some scopes defined on it:

class Alarm < ActiveRecord::Base
  scope :open_alarms, where("state != ?", AlarmStates::STATELIST[-1])
  scope :new_alarms, where('state is null')
  scope :site_alarms, lambda{ |site| where(:mac_address => site.mac_address)}

These scopes are all Relation objects, so I should be able to chain them in a with_scope call. But I can't get it all to work. I have been trying something along the lines of

Alarm.with_scope(:find => Alarm.open_alarms){all}

which, AFAIK, should apply the Relation Alarm .open_alarms onto the find, and then effectively find all alarms matching the open_alarms scope. But I get an 'unidentifed variable or method "all" for Main:Object' error when I try this. I have tried a whole series of variants, but nothing seems to get there.

Where I am trying to get to is being able to chain a series of scopes, then apply pagination so I can output pages of alarms.

Any help would be very much appreciated.



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@alarms = Alarm.open_alarms.page(params[:page])

@alarms = Alarm.open_alarms.site_alarms("http://sample.me").page(params[:page])

(Using gem will_paginate or kaminari).

You seem to be using pre 3.2 code to do your query.

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Thanks Hugo - I'll give this a try – Steve Gooberman-Hill Oct 10 '12 at 9:14

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