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From a java class i am exporting the value 54666700 to a .xlsx document. I want to display it as $54,666,700, but in the document it should be stored as 54666700, i.e., when i select that column the value should be selected as number 54666700.

As far as formatting to currency i am using the below code.

Long newsValue = 54666700
NumberFormat testFormat = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance(Locale.US);
String currency = testFormat.format(current);
//which will be $54,666,700

I found this library Apache DataFormatter, but unable to figure out how to get the CELL object there.

Any advice/tips appreciated.

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Which locale are you working in? – TheBlastOne Oct 9 '12 at 12:42
you mean the Locale country type its.. Locale.US – Sangram Anand Oct 9 '12 at 12:47

You could use HSSFDataFormat (POI 3.0), following is example usage:

  FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream
  HSSFWorkbook hssfworkbook = new HSSFWorkbook();
  HSSFSheet sheet = hssfworkbook.createSheet
("new sheet");
  HSSFCellStyle cs = hssfworkbook.createCellStyle();
  HSSFDataFormat df = hssfworkbook.
  HSSFRow row = sheet.createRow((short)0);
  HSSFCell cell = row.createCell((short)0);
 }catch(Exception e){}
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In the workbook the value will be $11,111 but if we see in the Function bar it will be 1111.1 is it? – Sangram Anand Oct 9 '12 at 13:02

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