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I am trying to create an integration test and I am running in a problem in the binding of an association.

I am trying to test a save method in a controller.

I have the domain class Event

class Event {
Organizer organizer

In the controller save method I have

def save() {
def passedOrganizerId =  // (1)
//Some comprobations

// if comprobations pass
def event = new Event(params) // (2)

The method seems to work fine but I want to create an integration test.

class EventControllerTests  extends GroovyTestCase {
    void testSave() {          
        def params = [:]
        // Params setup (3)


I have tried several ways to do the params setup but all fail.

If in the test method line (3) I enter: = 3 it fails because organizer is null

If I enter params[''] = 3 then it fails in line (1)

If I enter

params.organizer = [:] = 3

It does not fail but the databinding is not working. That it is to say event.organizer is null after line (2)

How to make the data binding work in the test method?

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You can set up params in test as follow:

controller.params.organizer = Organizer.get(3)

i.e. use domain objects as controller parameters directly

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