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PHP - opendir on another server

Something like this:


The opendir is being used to check the contents of a Rackspace Cloud Files Akamai bucket.

I am looping through a structure like this


I am trying to return the 587_rubyred part. Basically my MySQL query loops through the 587 and 834 and other numbers, I then check the directory for those numbers and return the first subfolder.

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If you want to connect to rackspace cloud files, I'd suggest using the API located at https://github.com/rackspace/php-cloudfiles

$auth = new CF_Authentication('<RACKSPACELOGIN>','<RACKSPACEKEY>');
$conn = new CF_Connection($auth);
$cloudFolder = $conn->get_container('<RACKSPACECONTAINER>');    
$cloudImages = $cloudFolder->get_objects();

foreach($cloudImages as $image)
  echo '<li>' . $image->name . '</li>';

edit: you will then be able to perform the following

$cloudImages = $cloudFolder->get_objects(0,NULL,NULL,'587/587_rubyred');
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This is not possible. The most servers have the directory listing disabled and doesn't send a directory list opendir is for local directories.

PHP - opendir on another server

You can access over ftp or something else.

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Thank for your comments –  TheBlackBenzKid Oct 9 '12 at 14:55

No. There is no concept of a directory in URLs.

A URL might map on to a directory on the server's filesystem, but that mapping is not exposed by HTTP.

http://example/running_order_image/sale/587/ might give you an HTML document with links to everything in a directory on the server, but you would have to access it like any other resource, then parse the HTML to get the URLs to those resources.

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Why don't you look in the specs?


Look under changelog:

4.3.0 path can also be any URL which supports directory listing, however only the file:// URL wrapper supports this in PHP 4

So if this works depends on the server you approaching. I know my servers won't allow it. ;-)

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Try to use FTP in PHP. This will allow you to remotely connect to the server. Of course only if it is allowed to connect via FTP.

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