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I have two dates and I want to see if they have the same month. I was trying:

{% if {{event.date_to|date:"m"}} = {{event.date_from|date:"m"}} %}

I get an error when rendering: Could not parse the remainder. date_to and date_from are both DateTimeField(). At this point, I am thinking of doing the comparison in the view and passing an is_same_date value. However, I though I'd first ask if it could be done in the template.

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Thanks for the offer :) I figured something out, though, see below. –  user984003 Oct 11 '12 at 19:41

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I figured it out. It was some silly typo-like things. This worked.

{% if event.date_from|date:"m" == event.date_to|date:"m" %}

It also works with day and month, etc. "d m"

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