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I'm trying to pass a counter as a value to one of the attributes of my custom tab library. Somehow it is not accepting it. Hence, the custom tag is not rendering on my page. When I pass a string literal it is working smooth.

What I did here is,

<mytaglib:pagination totalRecords="<%= rsSize %>" />

Above attribute is defined as a String and both the getter and setter methods are available for it. I'm trying to print it on page just to verify that I'm getting this value.

I even added this line <rtexprvalue>true</rtexprvalue> for this particular attribute in my .tld file. This I kept based on this read

enter image description here

Is there anything which I'm missing?

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What is the problem exactly? Are you expecting something to be printed? What does your tag backing code look like? –  Beau Grantham Oct 9 '12 at 13:00
@BeauGrantham Hey, I got the solution. Thanks :-) –  Sriram Oct 9 '12 at 13:07

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rsSize is of type int and I defined totalRecords as String object in my tag lib implementation. I changed it to int and that solved the problem.

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