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i want to affect the stream that i read forme isolated storage in Microsoft.FrameWorck.Media.Song i had done this code:

  public void Restory()
        `  Media.ClearValue(MediaElement.SourceProperty);
          using (IsolatedStorageFile ISF = solatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForApplication())
              if (ISF.FileExists(MainPage.filename))
                  using (IsolatedStorageFileStream FS = ISF.OpenFile(MainPage.filename,FileMode.Open))

                  //Media is Mediaenlement But in this step
                     i want to put that stream in Microsoft.Xna.FrameWorck.Media.Song
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That's not possible. Song is only for tracks that are stored in the user's MediaLibrary, a remote URI, or in the XAP file itself, but not in isolated storage.

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so sad to hear that –  Tapho Oct 9 '12 at 19:55

Sounds like a tee-stream (splits a stream for 2 consumers) might be useful here, although if reads happen at a differing rate, you're going to consume memory.

Here's an implementation, and here's another.

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