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How can I escape the characters { and } in Inno Setup, the characters are used in the [Registry] section?

{, "{" do not compile.

%7d, "%7d", {%7d} all compile, but do not work, they result in the wrong values in the registry.

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You can escape the { by doubling it. There is no need to escape the } as it is only used if inside a constant.

From the help file:

A "{" character is treated as the start of the constant. If you want to use that actual character in a place where constants are supported, you must use two consecutive "{" characters. (You do not need to double "}" characters.)

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Thanks, its so easy. I think i missed this part of the documentation. – tomkpunkt Oct 9 '12 at 13:17

I wanted to escape a quotation mark ("). Doubling it does not escape this,

I was able to force the hex-code by using {%|%22}.

On this escaping is show as {%NAME|DefaultValue}. Leaving NAME empty makes it use the hex code.

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