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i am using standard java javax.mail.internet.MimePartDataSource.getInputStream to get the attachment associated with email. The issue i am facing is:

the size of the file attached is 10950 bytes(excel). The size of file i get using MimePartDataSource is 14810 bytes.

If i remove the last extra character and try to open it, it works fine; but if i try to open without deleting the extra bytes a pop-up gets generated indicating 'want to recover the file?' and then if i say yes , it works.

I was facing this issue with excel and pdf . Can you put some light in it?

Thanks , Arindam

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Can you show the code you use to extract the attachment? –  Jörn Horstmann Oct 9 '12 at 14:03

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You're probably using the available() method to determine how much data to save. That doesn't work. Use the approach described in the JavaMail FAQ.

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I am using another approach to deal this problem and got success. Previously i was using getInputStream , which was adding some extra data after decoding somehow .Now, i am fetching data using getRawInputStream and decoding it explicitly which is preserving the real attachment.

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