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I am trying to use TAP(Test Anything Protocol) as our testing result format. However, there are some logs files are needed to attach to test result. I am looking for a good practice to achieve this.

For example, I have a tap file and two log files : a.log, b.log

ok 1 - sample.MyFirstTest#testCurrentTime
  message: Hello
  logfile: a.log, b.log

Is there any good way to insert log file content into this tap file ? Thanks.

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Yamlish is the solution. We can embedded file content into tap file. The file content can be encoded as base64, there is a tap example:

not ok 1
    File-Name: test.log
    File-Type: text/plain
    File-Content: VGhpcyBpcyBhIGxvZyAK
ok 2 # SKIP test 1 failed
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