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I need to know the suitable way to create table with these info(ID Category Subcategory) .

as the category have more subcategories , but also i can add new sub , sub category in the future , I tried to create to two table for category and subcategory but I will face vital problem on the future when I need to add new sub sub category .

So how can solve this issue?

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Since you need to add sub sub categories and so on, you need to create only one table categories with ParentCategoryID, something like:


  • Id,
  • Name,
  • ParentCategoryID.

Then you can use recursive queries using CTE to get any Categories hierarchy tree for each sub category.

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You don't need more then 2 columns.

You just need a primary key (ID) and a foreign key (Parent ID)

CategoryID_PK       INT
ParentCategory_FK   INT

With this setup you can have an unlimited number of levels

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