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With C#, you can create console apps. Well, do they run in Mono without X?

I know, this might be a dumb "Dude, just try it"-question, but the point is that I can't. I don't have any Linux installation right now, I'm going to use Mono to make a Raspberry Pi I'll order of use. Since the Pi's not here yet, I can't really try by myself.

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No, it doesn't require X. – skolima Oct 9 '12 at 13:28

Yes, you can definitely run console apps on Mono on the Raspberry Pi. That's what I use mine for, mostly :)

As an aside, I'd suggest installing the Arch distribution; at least when I installed mine, it had the most stable build of Mono under that environment. See my Google+ post for a few more details and some other handy tips from folks.

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