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I wonder if anyone knows how to parallelize rfcv() function implemented in R-package 'randomForest'. Sorry if the question sounds very basic, but I tried to do this using 'foreach' without any results.

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Have a look at the caret package and its documentation.

It not only is more general (allowing for more models than "just" random forests) but also integrates pre- and post-processing --- while also giving you parallel execution where feasible, particularly for evaluation and cross-validation which is an "embarassingly parallel" problem.

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Thank you very much for this @Dirk. Now I managed to try filtering and recursive feature elimination functions in 'caret'. But I was also wandering whether there is an opportunity to parallelize rfcv() using for example mclapply (from 'multicore'). I am asking because 'multicore' is available on the r-cloud I am currently working on, whereas doMC does not work well for some reasons... – sharky Oct 11 '12 at 8:30

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