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I'm trying to test if an object is nothing before I get it's value, but I get an error "NullReferenceException"

happens on the first line here:

If Not ORInvoiceLineRet.InvoiceLineRet.ItemRef.FullName Is Nothing Then
    li.FullName = ORInvoiceLineRet.InvoiceLineRet.ItemRef.FullName.GetValue()
End If

System.NullReferenceException {"Object reference not set to an instance of an object."}

How can I test for this, without just handling the error in a try/catch?

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There are more objects involved that can be nothing:

  • ORInvoiceLineRet can be nothing
  • ORInvoiceLineRet.InvoiceLineRet can be nothing
  • ORInvoiceLineRet.InvoiceLineRet.ItemRef can be nothing
  • ORInvoiceLineRet.InvoiceLineRet.ItemRef.FullName can be nothing

So the only safe way here is:

If ORInvoiceLineRet IsNot Nothing _
   AndAlso ORInvoiceLineRet.InvoiceLineRet IsNot Nothing _
   AndAlso ORInvoiceLineRet.InvoiceLineRet.ItemRef IsNot Nothing _
   AndAlso ORInvoiceLineRet.InvoiceLineRet.ItemRef.FullName IsNot Nothing  Then
    li.FullName = ORInvoiceLineRet.InvoiceLineRet.ItemRef.FullName.GetValue()
End If
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Either ORInvoiceLineRet.InvoiceLineRet.ItemRef is Nothing, ORInvoiceLineRet.InvoiceLineRet is Nothing or ORInvoiceLineRet is Nothing.

Its hard to access the properties of Nothing so a NullReferenceException is thrown.

You could test the chain all in one go using OrElse

If Not (ORInvoiceLineRet Is Nothing OrElse _
    ORInvoiceLineRet.InvoiceLineRet Is Nothing OrElse _
    ORInvoiceLineRet.InvoiceLineRet.ItemRef Is Nothing OrElse _
    ORInvoiceLineRet.InvoiceLineRet.ItemRef.FullName Is Nothing)

End If

If the left expression evaluates to True, OrElse will not evaluate the right.

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But OP wants to set li.FullName is none of them are nothing. You are checking the opposite. –  Tim Schmelter Oct 9 '12 at 14:12
@TimSchmelter, yes I made a mistake, corrected, and I upvoted your answer –  Jodrell Oct 9 '12 at 14:13

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