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I have three tables as follows and am trying to extract the number of times a questionnaire has been provided for the highest visit_number for a member. The idea is to prevent a questionnaire being prompted to the visitor if it has already been prompted twice recently (visit_number field as incremented once certain amount of time has elapsed). My bash at it is as follows (below tables) but this clearly isn't right and I get thousands of results. Hopefully you'll at least be able to see what i'm trying to do with it




FROM questionnaires q
JOIN visits v 
ON q.visit_id = (SELECT MAX(id) FROM visits v WHERE v.member_id = ".$this->id.")
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Try this:

FROM questionnaires q
INNER JOIN Visits v1 ON q.visit_id = v1.id
    SELECT MAX(visit_number) MaxVisitNumber, member_id
    FROM visits
    GROUP BY member_id
) v2 ON v1.member_id = v2.member_id AND v1.visit_number = v2.MaxVisitNumber
INNER JOIN members m ON v2.member_id = m.Id
WHERE m.Id = @someId
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Thanks. Assuming should be MAX(visit_number) AS MaxVisitNumber and visits v2 on v1.id, i am getting a syntax error near 'v2 ON v1.id = v2.id - just trying to figure out what's going on. –  bsod99 Oct 9 '12 at 14:23
@bsod99 - Sorry It is member_id instead of id like ON v1.member_id = v2.member_id see my edit. –  Mahmoud Gamal Oct 9 '12 at 14:26

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