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i want to give regex a pattern and force it to read it all ..


i want to target "some-12345_x"
i used this /\/(.*).png/, it doesnt work for some reason

how do i force it to remember it must start with / and end with .png?

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What have you tried so far? –  SenorAmor Oct 9 '12 at 14:10
Is regexing for /some-12345_x.png and then substringing to some-12345_xan option? –  Rémi Breton Oct 9 '12 at 14:12

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If you always want to get the final file-name, minus the extension, you could use PHP's substr() instead of trying to come up with a regex:

$lastSlash = strrpos($url, '/') + 1;
$name = substr($url, $lastSlash, strrpos($url, '.') - $lastSlash);

Also, a more readable method would be to use PHP's basename():

$filename = basename($url);
$name = substr($filename, 0, strpos($filename, '.'));

To actually use a regex, you could use the following pattern:


To use this with PHP's preg_match():

preg_match('|.*/([^.]+).png$|', $url, $matches);
$name = $matches[1];
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You can do:


which captures what occurres after the last / till .png at the end.

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You might need to use reg-ex in this situation for a particular reason, but here's an alternative where you don't:

$url = "http://example.com/w/2/1/x/some-12345_x.png";
$value = pathinfo($url);
echo $value['filename'];



pathinfo() from the manual

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How about:


this will match anything but / until .png at the end of the string.

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