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I can't get SS authentication to work together with an Umbraco installation. Whenever I access a DTO or service with the Authenticate attribute, I get redirected to an umbraco login. To reproduce: I've created a new project, and installed Umbraco from Nuget (tried 4.7.1, 4.8.1 and 4.9.0 with same result), and SS from Nuget. I setup SS to run under the /api path in the web.config:

  <location path="api">
        <add path="*" type="ServiceStack.WebHost.Endpoints.ServiceStackHttpHandlerFactory, ServiceStack" verb="*" />
    <!-- Required for IIS 7.0 -->
      <modules runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests="true" />
      <validation validateIntegratedModeConfiguration="false" />
        <add path="*" name="ServiceStack.Factory" type="ServiceStack.WebHost.Endpoints.ServiceStackHttpHandlerFactory, ServiceStack" verb="*" preCondition="integratedMode" resourceType="Unspecified" allowPathInfo="true" />

and added /api to reserved paths to avoid Umbraco handling this:

<add key="umbracoReservedPaths" value="~/umbraco,~/install/,~/api" />

And in the AppHost.cs I've changed the EndpointHostConfig and enabled authentication:

   SetConfig(new EndpointHostConfig
       DebugMode = true, //Show StackTraces when developing
       ServiceStackHandlerFactoryPath = "api"

//Enable Authentication

And I've changed the connectionstring in ConfigureAuth to use the Umbraco database:

    var connectionString = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["umbracoDbDSN"];

Finally I set the attribute on HelloWorldService:

public class HelloService : ServiceBase<Hello>
    protected override object Run(Hello request)
        return new HelloResponse { Result = "Hello, " + request.Name };

I then access the HelloWorldService through REST Uri:


and right away I'm redirected to:


and presented with the default Umbraco 404 page, which means that SS suddenly makes Umbraco handle the authentication. If I remove the Authenticate attribute, SS handles the request perfectly.

What am I missing?

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I found out, that it's only partly Umbraco's fault. The main reason for the redirect is that, when SS return a 401, instead of returning THAT response to the client, the <authentication> section in web.config redirects the client to the login page. I've even tried to remove the <authentication> section without luck. How do I prevent IIS from grapping that reponse? – BoKDamgaard Oct 15 '12 at 12:01
More information. It's because this line <add name="FormsAuthentication" type="System.Web.Security.FormsAuthenticationModule" /> which Umbraco needs. – BoKDamgaard Oct 15 '12 at 13:44
I need to figure out to disable this in the <location> section and I've tried adding this without luck <location path="api" allowOverride="false"> <system.web> <authorization> <allow users="*"/> </authorization> </system.web> <!-- Required for IIS 7.0 --> <system.webServer> <modules runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests="true"> <remove name="FormsAuthentication"/> </modules> </location> – BoKDamgaard Oct 15 '12 at 13:48
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It seems that FormsAuthentication is just plain annoying, and when it spots a 401 it changes that to 302 login.aspx. My solution was use use the idea from this link:

In short it revert the 401->302 change from FormsAuthentication back to 401. I changed it a bit in the detection code:

 if (response.StatusCode == 401 && request.RawUrl.ToLower().StartsWith("/api"))

and removed the Register and added it manually AFTER the FormsAuthentication module in web.config

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