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EDIT: sorry i've rephrased my question

New to JQuery and need some assistance

I would like to iterate all li elements and to delete the inner span element in one of the li's.

I do not know where the span is because the li is built dynamically and i cannot count on the id selector

    <ol id="selectable" class="ui-selectable">
        <li id="1_1_1" class="ui-widget-content ui-selectee">1.1.1</li>
        <li id="1_1_2" class="ui-widget-content ui-selectee">1.1.2</li>
        <li id="1_1_3" class="ui-widget-content ui-selectee ui-selected">1.1.3<span class="ui-icon ui-icon-check"
            style="float: right; margin: 2px 7px 0 0;"></span></li>
        <li id="1_1_4" class="ui-widget-content ui-selectee">1.1.4</li>
        <li id="1_1_5" class="ui-widget-content ui-selectee">1.1.5</li>

How can this be done?

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You could even just use implicit iteration and do $('#selectable li').attr('class','new'); –  m90 Oct 9 '12 at 14:26

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Edit: to delete the span, just do this:

$('#selectable li span').remove();

Be aware that it will remove all span's within any li but from your example, there is only one.

Try out toggleClass, addClass and removeClass

$('#selectable li').addClass('foo');
$('#selectable li').removeClass('foo');
$('#selectable li').toggleClass('foo');

These are just a few ways to change the class of all li's that match the selector.

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jQuery usually iterates internally:

$("#selectable li").toggleClass(...)

You can also use .each to iterate as some methods do not iterate such as .html and .text (I unfortunately don't know the list, though it would be very helpful).

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