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I have to work with an undocumented sqlserver database (10.0.4064) and need to derive the references/foreign keys.

"Show Dependencies" in Management Studio isn't much of a help, it shows only dependencies on views and functions, but doesn't show tables that use the pkey. I suspect the db author didn't use referential integrity at all (maybe for performance reasons).

Anyway, in order to discover the tables references by foreign keys, I need to globally search for an ObjectGuid in all relations and fields. I doubt that this is doable with SQL, but maybe some brilliant mind out there has a workaround for me :-)

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This post should do the trick:

SQL Server Dependencies

The 2nd answer in that thread would be what you want.

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Thanks. However, that answer only shows the same info that "Show Dependencies" in SSMS shows. And the problem here is, that the dependency hasn't been declared :-/ –  lilalinux Oct 9 '12 at 15:33

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