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How to add a method to a base type, say Array? In the global module this will be recognized

interface Array {
   remove(o): Array;

but where to put the actual implementation?

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You can use the prototype to extend Array:

interface Array<T> {
   remove(o: T): Array<T>;

Array.prototype.remove = function (o) {
    // code to remove "o"
    return this;
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Was hoping for a more sophisticated TypeScript-ish solution, but thanks! –  Francois Vanderseypen Oct 9 '12 at 16:03
@FrancoisVanderseypen that could be a pain, I suggest you don't try it. It is easier the way proposed here. But if you are curious: stackoverflow.com/a/14001136/340760 –  BrunoLM Dec 22 '13 at 19:41
it should be interface Array<T> { remove(o): T[]; } in new version with generics –  Mariusz Pawelski Feb 9 at 0:04
Thanks for the prod @MariuszPawelski - I have updated the example. –  Steve Fenton Feb 10 at 18:28

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