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i have tried the following materials settings: alphaTest: 0.5 transparent: true, Textures sizes only power of 2 (64 or 256) assigning zero values to texture (prior to release 51 ) texture : { type: "t", value:0, texture: this._texture }, r50 using larger particles sizes


It seems to have something to do with Particle Sorting / Depth Buffering. The funny thing is when you try to isolate the problem it goes away , its only the interaction of particles that causes this.

if you delete line 232 Trade_fleet = initTradeFleet(10,100,pos03,THREE.ImageUtils.loadTexture("http://www.cimmerian-space.com/images/particles/Asteroid3_64.png"),100,75,100 );

the flickering stops completely. All that function does is declare a new sparks ... everything else is commented out.

All i can think of is that there is a floating point inaccuracy in particle sorting. it would be nice to have a 'SortingNeedsUpate' field on particle system, or that the sorting is only updated when the camera moves.

Seems to occur only in Chrome and not Mozilla

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