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I am a newbie to objective-C and I have a particular concept but couldn't get where to start and how to start.I need the advice of experts over here.. My concept is: I have to load the xml response from a service url and store it in NSMutableArray.And then I have to display that particular Array data in rows and columns..something like adding in gridview and when a user select a particular item that value should display in textfield giving user an option to select only one value at a time.suppose the data I receive from url is id's(suppose 16 values(which may vary) from a particular tag in xml response)then when I have to bind this to gridview and give an option to select one value and display in textfield..I donno where to start and how to start?

Please help..

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Solved it by customing UITableView and made it to load array data in rows and columns correspondingly..

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